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I have been working as a multi-platform artist & film maker for 25 years. I enjoy creating unusual audio visual works with a unique cinematic or presentation style.


My long term technical collaborator Mark Gilbert and I have a combined background of over 40 years in Digital still and moving image making, high budget film, television, broadcast, audio post production. We have been involved in many Hollywood movies, including credits on Star Wars Epsiode I & III, and our broad based involvement with both the artistic and technical aspects of film making underlies our wealth of knowledge and skills. We have worked with the BBC, NBC, Fox, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, LucasFilm, Paramount, Sony and many other high profile studios and broadcasters, and our International network of industry friends & colleagues has given us a strong portfolio of talent to draw from, including Oscar nominated crew, and highly talented & experienced actors

In 1998 we had the pleasure of working directly alongside George Lucas at our studio. This was a truly inspirational moment, as I had been considering moving in to experimental film making for some time, and inspired by George's technical mastery, passion, energy and fully immersive approach, I took the plunge.

George's encouragement has been a constant source of inspiration.



'In the distance, from the elegant canvas of parkland, something begins to emerge. Second, by second, it grows in front of my eyes, until finally, it fills my entire view, a beauty like you’ve never experienced...her sheer dominance is overwhelming - so many doors and windows you lose count, and with every turn of the head there are, details, textures, shapes, carvings......and to think, all this, for just one man.


March 1976 - My father and I visit George, an eccentric chap who lives alone in a sprawling Gothic mansion - Somerfield’, in the heart of the Suffolk Countryside.

Father and George settle by the wood burning stove in the kitchen and talk, while I am invited to explore the mansion, and investigate it’s many delights.


Up vast staircases and through miles of corridors I travel, some doors are open, but most are closed -  it’s strange how George lives, restricting his life to just a handful of rooms - the remainder lay redundant, untouched for decades. Drawers are filled with trinkets from the past, a gold ring, a locket, a dried up perfume bottle, postcards, letters, some over 100 years old. This whole building echoes with voices from the past, and no matter how often I visit, I always discover something new.'


Extract from Beautiful Irony 2011 - Audio Canvas by VanessaJane Hall


These early adventures ignited my fascination with old houses, and in particular, old beautiful structures in a state of decline, a the theme has previously featured in my work.  In 2013, I decided I wanted to explore this theme further with a new work, and began working on what would become 'Breathless Beauty, Broken Beauty'.