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The World's First 12k Sculptural Film Triptych
created by Film Maker & Artist VanessaJane Hall

Breathless Beauty, Broken Beauty is on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum,
the world's greatest museum of Art and Design,

until the 27th October 2014, British Gallery Landing.
The work also formed part of the London Design Festival at the V&A

 Inspired by her long standing fascination with beauty in a state of decline, in this film Vanessa contrasts 'Broken Beauty' with 'Breathless Beauty' and sparkling splendour.


Having a lifelong fascination with old houses, over 12 months Vanessa travelled England

to create a film that captured the raw beauty of architectural structures

whether sparkling or faded.


From glittering halls to faded corridors, this three dimensional work
takes the observer on an atmospheric journey to the darker side of beauty.

The work presents as an immersive film that plays out on three screens inside a sculpture. Observers step inside the temple-like sculpture, to find themselves cocooned in an audio-visual environment where each screen plays different footage.
The piece is viewed as a triptych, and uses peripheral vision,

voice and audio cues to direct the viewer.

Narration by Catherine McGoohan and Neil Dickson.